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226. How to… make time.

I know. It’s been a long time since last!blog. But guys…

Guys… being a new homeowner has been simultaneously the most awesome and the most exhausting thing I have ever experienced. If it weren’t for the fact that I looked at my phone earlier, I’d have no idea what day it is. I’m pretty sure I’ve missed some event deadlines with the store. I’m going to try and make sure those items still make it out, but I’ve just been so spaced-out lately between work in real-life and the move that I’ve hardly had any time for myself. This last couple weeks has reminded me how important it is sometimes just to make time to breathe when you need it, because if you’re like me, if you don’t – well, you might forget.

With the holidays coming, I think that’s even more important. Especially if, like me, you’re thinking your holidays may be a little stressful this year. I am excited but also super stressed because my entire family is going to be here. “But Nova, that sounds awesome!” you might say. Except if you’ve followed this blog, my family is kinda a huge source of stress. I love them, but there’s a reason the lot of us don’t get together often, and there’s a reason I like my little personal space bubble. Beyond that, I’m just… tired.

I’ve seen so much entitlement lately, and so much ugliness, and so much just… rudeness. You would think people would find it absolutely exhausting to be so utterly ridiculous all the time, but nope. People find a way. And in Second Life, it seems, they actively look for opportunities to be insufferable, rude, uncaring turds. Now, this isn’t all of you, of course, but man have I seen some real winners lately. I’ve literally considered at several points just throwing up my hands and walking away from some of the things and places in which I’ve been involved for years because I’m just tired of being treated – and seeing others treated – like their words and actions and sacrifices and hard work don’t matter. Or like they matter less for some stupid arbitrary reason on any given day. The truth of the matter is, this is Second Life. I don’t care who anyone thinks they are, or who they think they know – and this applies to me, too. Never think when you read this blog that I am not including myself. The thing is, we’re all people, and kindness is free, and some of us really need to remember that… or get a swift kick in the ass. Because dealing with that constantly in your second life when you’ve also got to deal with your first one… it’s exhausting. And we don’t come here to be exhausted, do we?

No. No we don’t. We come here to create things. We come here to take pretty pictures and express ourselves and hang out with our friends and experience things we can’t in our real lives. We come here to have fun. Please remember that. And remember when you’re feeling tired that it’s okay to take time for yourself. We all need it from time to time, and if you don’t need it now, you’re going to need it at some point.

It’s okay. I promise.


*note: Windlights used in photo may have distorted colors. Please always try demos before you buy!

[Body][The Shops]Legacy Mesh Body Special Edition (1.3)
[Lips][Warpaint @ Santa Inc]Dulcet Lips
[Face][Warpaint @ Anthem]I Woke Up Like This 6
[Glasses][MOMOCHUU @ Anthem]Mexi Glasses
[Top][Vinyl]My Binging Sweater
[Skirt][Vinyl]Goin’ to the Mini Mart Skirt
[Stockings][Blueberry]Reachless Stockings

[Gifts][Dust Bunny]christmas presents – type a
[Wrapping Paper][Astralia]Wrapping gifts decor (green/red)
[Gamboy/Chips/Cans][Junk Food]Gamerboy Mess (Yellow)
[Pouf][ACORN]Leather Pouf – Patch Beige
[Rug][Dust Bunny & con]tinsel living room rug

[Tune][Neon Trees – I Love You (But I Hate Your Friends)]

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