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225. How to… have some patience.

You guys, tonight or tomorrow (not sure which) is going to be my first official night in my new house. I don’t know how we’re going to do it, but that’s the plan. I feel like “the plan” always gets kicked in the ass in one way or another, though. But… I’m trying to stay positive. I’m trying to remind myself that I have the keys, and the house is mine, and everything is going to be okay, and I’ll be able to unpack things and actually relax soon.


In the meantime, I’m glad I’ve got some really awesome people here and in real life that have given me a bit of grace and understand that things are a little hectic right now. Even more than that, they’ve talked me through the storms, calmed me down when things have gotten crazy, and just in general shown me unconditional love through what is no doubt one of the most stressful events in my life. Still, despite all that, I’m glad I did it… even if I’m not sure my sanity would be intact without those people right now.

This is a trying time of year for everyone, though. I get that. Hell, yesterday, I was trying to add a new outfit from Vinyl and accidentally detached my entire avatar and almost had a whole moment. I don’t know why, but that particular day, it was like… my last little straw.

But you know what? So far I’m surviving moving with a shiba and a poodle who are completely unimpressed with the idea of moving, I’ve managed not to break anything in the packing process except my digital piano…. which is a goddamn tragedy, mind you, but… again, we’re focusing on the positives. So far, it’s the only casualty. Everything else is slow-going and I’m antsy and I just want to be in my house, but Mother Nature is rude and doesn’t seem to want me to be there yet, so I’m trying to practice some patience.

It’s one of my worst virtues, y’all. I might be in some trouble. So far though, mass quantities of hot cocoa and amazing friends have helped me keep my head from popping off and spinning into an alternate dimension. I’m going to need Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Buddha, Chuthlu, and the Flying Spaghetti Monster before all of this is through, no doubt, but it could always be worse.


[Body][The Shops]Legacy Mesh Body Special Edition (1.3)
[Hair][Doe @ Tannenbaum]Burr Bear [hud 3] (hat included)
[Eyes][Synergy]Brisbane HD Eyeshadow
[Face][Warpaint @ Anthem]I Woke Up Like This 6
[Dress][Blueberry]Cutieberry (floral edition – Saturday Sale)

[Pose][Diversion]Nailed It Set


[Tune][Pentatonix – The Prayer]

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