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191. How to… make a proper entrance.

Today, my mom goes in for the first of what will likely be several procedures for an aneurysm at the base of her brain. But… she’s in good spirits about it, or at least she says she is to our faces. She’s been one of the driving forces in my life… even more so with me than my brothers I think, because she’s always worried about me having a disability and unable to drive, and because my dad decided I don’t exist. She was a single mom for the longest time and always tried to fill both shoes for all of us and make sure we had everything we could ever want or need. We didn’t realize until we reached adulthood that we were poor, that we struggled because she never let us see that. And somehow, even when dealing with all of that, she still had time for extra curriculars for us – to encourage us when we found a new hobby, or be that extra-dramatic-super-proud-that’s-MY-kid mom that embarrassed her kid from the audience.

Well, we’ve all grown up, and mom… so has she. But she still has a flair for the dramatic. She has decided if they have to shave her head, she wants to get a tattoo on the top of her skull that reads ‘f*ck you’. I am not yet sure she’ll go through with it, but considering who we’re dealing with… I wouldn’t put it past her. She once found out I was being bullied at school, and when she deduced that she couldn’t beat up a thirteen-year-old girl and the school didn’t seem to want to do it, my mother looked up this girl’s address, drove to her house, knocked on her door, and told her mother what had happened, and that her daughter owed me an apology. This is the same woman who, when my brother was medivacced off of Okinawa, managed to raise enough hell that the rest of us got to transfer back to the states so that we could all be together. I’ve seen her shingle a roof, replace a radiator, drive 800 miles to be with a friend in need. She’s not always perfect – which no one is – but she’s always had an extra bit of spunk. She knows how to make an entrance in such a way that even after she leaves a room, you will never forget that she stopped by.

I don’t always have that same flair, but I give it a shot from time to time, I think. And that’s the thing: You don’t always have to make a grand entrance, but I feel like… I feel like when you do something, you should do it with some conviction. You should commit to things and be the best possible version of yourself. People won’t always see it, and they won’t always appreciate it, but the point is you come in and you make your mark. And you should be proud of the mark you leave on others.

There are people in SL that I look forward to seeing every day. They made an entrance into my life and made an impression. They walk into a room and the room is somehow better for them being in it. There are others who teleport in a whirl of glitter, and others still who may have quieter footsteps, but they’ll always be there for you. I may not be the type to tattoo ‘f*ck you’ atop my skull, but I want to be the reason that someone else smiles today and every other day if I can help it. That’s how I want to make my entrance.

[Body][The Shops]Legacy Mesh Body Special Edition (1.3)
[Skin][Go&See]Hope (Buff)
[Brows][Gloom.]Lexi Perfect Brow
[Lips][Velour @ Uber]Urias (Pack 1)
[Eyes][Izzie’s]Evening Glitter Eyeshadow (6)
[Hair][Tram @ Uber]K0415 (hud C)
[Top][ Vinyl ]Bergamont Top
[Shorts][Vinyl @ N21]These Days Shorts
[Legs][Vinyl @ N21]These Days Leg Sleeves
[Shoes][Agave]Stowe Sneakers

[Backdrop][K&S]Backdrop 4
[Pose][K&S]Puppet (pose pack) **not sure if this is still available. it’s an
older release**

[Tune][Adele – Skyfall]

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