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135. Is it just my viewer, or is your butt floating two feet above your head?

And…a new chapter of sorts begins. I was going to wait until the end of 2020, but as it approaches its 37th month and the days now seem to be 32 hours long instead of 24, I figured now is a better time than any. If I wait until the end of the year, I might be too old and worn from the chaos to remember my own name, much less my login info.

That said, when I saw that ChicModa had this shirt coming out for Happy Weekend, I felt it spoke perfectly to my mood and the whole occasion, so… here it is in all its fabulous glory.

But seriously, guys. You know how we all have those days in Second Life, right? We thought we were behind the times when we’d log in and our shoes would be up our butts, but mesh bodies present a whole new level of fun, don’t they? Earlier, when I logged in, everything looked normal. Then, I headed over to a DJ event on my home sim. Land, and BAM. Right there in all its apple-bottom glory was someone’s (tattooed, I might add) backside.

If I’m completely honest, I didn’t pay enough attention to learn who this glorious gluteus belonged to, because something struck me. Real life is mirroring Second Life, guys. Bet you never thought that would happen, did you? But think about it. Just think for a second. Everything is chaos, people are doing all manner of things without leaving their house, and many of us don’t know which way is up. Some of us couldn’t identify the difference between our asses and a hole in the ground.

Unfortunately, unlike Second Life, I’ve yet to find anywhere I can report a TOS violation or submit a support ticket.

Luckily, the end of 2020 will be upon us soon enough (gods, do I hope) and we can all stop walking around like Robin Williams after he just popped out of the Jumanji game. Until then? Well, I hate to say it, y’all, but we’re going to be seeing a lot of butts.


[Body][Maitreya]Lara 5.2
[Skin][[ session ]]Astrid (tone 2)
[Lips][WarPaint @ Anthem]Lip Nectar (set 2)
[Leggings][Addams]Zoe Fishnets
[Skirt][Addams]Zoe Pleated Skirt (30)
[Boots][Addams]Zoe Combat Boots (tall – 30)
[Top][ChicModa for Happy Weekend]HW Brooklyn Top

[Pose][Foxcity]from Sits Vol 3 (3.7)
[Backdrop][Foxcity]The Ward (black)

[Tune][R.E.M. – It’s the End of the World]

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