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94. How to… hold on.

Life can be a bumpy, horrible ride sometimes, but we've only got one, so at the end of the day, we have to try our best to live our best life... even when it's trying to kick us in the face. And you know what? This applies to Second Life as much as it does… Continue reading 94. How to… hold on.

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90. How to… keep the momentum going!

We're going to go beneath the surface a bit today. Sometimes, it can be hard to keep up your focus. I'll use myself as an example (bet you saw that coming, didn't you?). This week has been pretty horrible. I'm leaving for Florida tomorrow to visit my grandparents amidst a storm of family drama that… Continue reading 90. How to… keep the momentum going!

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89. How to… entertain yourself.

Well, this has potential to go in an interesting direction, don'tcha think? I jest. Maybe. The truth is, Second Life has so much to do that it's just about impossible to do it all. With new content creators popping up like daisies every day and new products to try, new places to explore, there's no… Continue reading 89. How to… entertain yourself.

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84. How to… take a deep breath and jump in.

Sometimes, we are like bystanders in our own lives. We watch the world around us grow and change, and we let ourselves become stagnant. There can be so many reasons for this. So many. But you know what? That's no way to live. Sometimes, the most amazing thing that you can do for yourself is… Continue reading 84. How to… take a deep breath and jump in.

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82. How to… be human.

I initially had another inspiration behind this photo, but then things changed. I've seen so much ugliness in the world in the last couple of days, both personally and on a grand scale, that I find myself in a state of mind that I can hardly put into words. Sometimes, we are silenced when we… Continue reading 82. How to… be human.

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81. How to… stop and smell the flowers.

So... I have come to the realization in the last couple days that I am in desperate need of my personal space. I've been taking some of my photos a little ahead of time in hopes that our house guests wouldn't be here too long. They're using my room where my swanky new desktop is,… Continue reading 81. How to… stop and smell the flowers.

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76. How to… keep things in perspective.

Y'all... it's been a day. Or a couple of days. I'm still kicking, but I'm exhausted, and you know... despite all of that, it's still been an amazing week. I'm pretty sure between real life and Second Life I've managed to earn myself a few new gray hairs, but it's been worth it. At least… Continue reading 76. How to… keep things in perspective.