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220. How to… celebrate you!

It’s my biiiiiiiiiiiirthday.

I will be spending it drinking mass quantities of delicious hot cocoa, singing karaoke into my hair brush, and… trying to survive dinner with my family without mention of politics, the gay agenda, or how things should be exactly the same as they were fifty years ago.

I might need a little divine intervention for the last bit, but other than that, I’m in a great mood. Thirty-four is looking fab!



[Skin][Eudora Beauty]Amber (Pale)
[Hair][Tram]K0925 Hair (Hud C)
[Brows][A R T E]Rebel Eyebrow
[Lips][Velour]Indecente Lips
[Top][Vinyl]Bulow tee
[Panties][Vinyl]Warrant Bikini Panties
[Headphones][Vinyl+geek]Dubs Headset
[Tattoo][Germinal @ Hallow Manor(opening OCT 15!)]Astrologer Tattoo


[Couch][Dust Bunny]darling sectional cushion d
[Frame][Kalopsia]Effie’s Frame
[Wall][Kalopsia]Effie’s Photo’s Light – Set 1
[Jeans][Steffy’s Special Things]laundry-pants-crumpled-lying-classic-jeans–blue-used
[Flip-Flops][Dust Bunny]flip flops
[Flowers][Dust Bunny]harvest jug of sunflowers
[Cocoa][Short Leash]Full Service Tray // Le Chocolat Chaud decor
[Lantern][ChicModa Decor (TSS)]Pumpkin Lantern (black)

[Pose][Foxcity]Highlights 7

[Tune][Ruelle – Live Like Legends]

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