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212. How to… smile through the malfunctions.

It’s been a long time, guys. I’ve been exhausted. Without going into a lot of detail, it’s just… been an eventful couple of weeks, and I’ve not been around as much as I hoped to be. I think one of the most important thing when things aren’t going well is to press the pause button and take the time to take care of yourself. Whatever that means. For me, when I feel things starting to fall apart, I take a break. That isn’t to say I don’t still lean on the people who love me, but everything else… well, it takes a backseat to some “me” time, because every once in a while, that’s just necessary.

And you know what? It took me a long time to realize it, but… That’s okay.


[Body][The Shops]Legacy Mesh Body Special Edition (1.3)
[Skin][Eudora Beauty]Amber (Medium)
[Brows][A R T E]Rebel Eyebrow
[Lips][Top1 Salon]Satin Lips
[Top][Vinyl]Spruce Camo Tee (Danger Zone former FLF release)
[Skirt][Vinyl]Chica Denim Skirt
[Leg][geek.]Alchemists’ Leg
[Headphones][geek.]Dubs Headset
[Tattoo][Endless Pain Tattoos]Bailey

[Pose][Foxcity]Beach Bunny Set

[Tune][Lauren Diagle – Hold On to Me]

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