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208. How to… cope when you’re drowning.

Some of y’all may not have heard this before, so it may be hard to believe, but… it’s okay to have a bad day. It’s okay to be sad, or have doubts. It’s okay to question your decisions sometimes, or the decisions of others – should they affect you. The thing is, none of us are robots, and sometimes, life is hard, and sometimes… Well, sometimes, it’s a little harder to pretend that everything is okay.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Having a bad day – or even a bad couple of days – doesn’t mean that things won’t get better. It doesn’t mean that you won’t sort things out. So many of us seem to have this belief that we have to pretend all the time. Why? I don’t know. Because we think we should? Because we think society expects it? Because we think our loved ones expect it – or worse – that they’ll worry about us if we don’t have a constant smile plastered on our faces as though we stapled the corners of our mouths in a permanently upward-facing direction.

Sounds painful, right?

That’s because it is. Constantly bottling all of your (for lack of a better word in this scenario) crap is not good. It’s not good for you. If we weren’t meant to express our emotions, to live them just a little, then we wouldn’t have them. So don’t feel bad about it. Have a bad day if you need to. Watch a stupid movie and cry into an entire tub of Ben and Jerry’s. Have a glass of wine, because it’s five o’ clock somewhere and you are stressed out. Tell someone when they’ve hurt you instead of trying to act like ignoring it will make it better. It won’t. It won’t because you aren’t a robot and you have feelings.

Acknowledge the bad days. Acknowledge when you’re drowning so that someone can throw you a life preserver. Acknowledge them because you need to feel those emotions. Acknowledge them because at the end of the day, acknowledging the bad days will make celebrating the good ones all the more sweet.


[Body][The Shops]Legacy Mesh Body Special Edition (1.3)
[Skin][Eudora Beauty for Happy Weekend]Amber (Medium)
[Brows][Gloom.]Lexi Perfect Brow
[Hair][Argrace]Haruka II (Blondes)
[Lips][Top1 Salon @ Equal10]HD Satin Lipstick
[Bikini][Blueberry for Pride at Home]Splish Bikini (*gift*)

[Pose][R.O. Bento Poses]Drowning

[Tune][Ruelle ft. Fleurie – Carry You]

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