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189. How to… enjoy the great outdoors (sort of).

Okay, y’all. So, the last couple days, I’ve been in a mood. I attribute this to several factors, really: the looming date of the anniversary of gran’s death and my upset that the pandemic allowed us zero room to be with her for obvious reasons, school, work, school associated with work which is not to be confused with other school stuff… There’s more, but needless to say, it’s been somewhat of a hectic week frought with all manner of emotion and general blah-ness.

And what do I do to combat the blahs? Well, I ~enhance my environment. To me, this means I’ve gone on a cleaning binge in both lives – decluttered my space in real life, rearranged some furniture. Leveled my land in SL and started from scratch – built up a little enchanted garden-esque hideaway behind my house and reveled in how nicely I think it turned out considering that – when it comes to landscaping – I really do have absolutely no idea what I’m doing…

…oh, and I got a puppy in real life, too.

To be fair, I actually got the puppy several weeks ago, so no, I’m not one of those impulse puppy-buying people. This has been planned for a while, and I think preparing for her “gotcha!” date has kind of given me a little bit more motivation this last week or so just to power through everything and try to get things done… along with some wonderful cheerleading from some very dear friends, of course.

What I really want to do is start the garden outside my real house, but since the weather hasn’t been quite stable enough to allow for that yet (a fact for which Indiana is infamous), the SL substitute has been a nice distraction. The thing is, we can’t always escape our real lives… and we shouldn’t, at least not on the grand scale. But… when you’re having a bad day and you need a break and maybe a little more time to process things? It’s important to remember that Second Life isn’t just a game. It can be a resource. Without it, I never would have met some of the people who are most dear to me today. Hell, I wouldn’t have some of the skills that got me my job, either. But, I can also enjoy a nice sunny day surrounded by ~nature’s beauty, even when my world in real life is a little more cold and dreary than I’d like to admit.


[Body][The Shops]Legacy Mesh Body Special Edition (1.3)
[Skin][Go&See]Hope (Buff)
[Brows][Gloom.]Lexi Perfect Brow
[Lips][Top1 Salon]HD Glass Set
[Hair][Tram @ Collabor88]K0328 (hud C)
[Dress][UNA @ Neo Japan]Suzu (pink)

[Tune][Evanescence – Imaginary]

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