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187. How to… make real friends.

In our virtual world, we’re taking a little chance every time we get to know someone. We know nothing about them at first glance apart from maybe where they like to shop – how they like their avatar to look. Everything else is a bit of a gamble. Should we get to know them? Should we not? Will they be honest with us? Will they hurt us? Will we hurt them, somehow? There’s so many questions to which we don’t have the answers, and as people, we don’t like that. People like to have control over the sphere of influence in their lives. We like to know what to expect. We like to be prepared. We like to avoid things that could potentially come back to bite us in the backside later.

And in Second Life, finding the right people to let into your own personal bubble is just a little bit harder.

Until the right people come crashing into your life. These are the kind of people with whom the veil is lifted. There’s no expectations, no eggshells, and eventually – once you tie the little monster up inside your head that tries to tell you that nothing is going to go the way you expect – you realize that these are your people. They’re there in the sunshine and in the rain. For the good times and the bad ones. To laugh with you – and at you – on occasion, because… well… let’s be honest: Sometimes, we can all be just a little silly.

They key here is to be yourself. Unapologetic, weird as hell, and maybe a little crazy at times. Because here’s the thing about that: The right people are going to find you, and they’re going to love every single piece of you every single day because those pieces are all a part of you. They’re going to smile with you and be an ear to listen on the bad days, and your biggest cheerleader on the best ones. Those. Are. Your. People.

I love you all. ❤


Coming soon.

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