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185. How to… hold on to what’s important.

We’re people, guys. I hate to tell you this if you weren’t aware, but behind every single one of our avatars with their perfectly-in-place-always hair and their impeccable fashion sense and lavish virtual homes are people. And people get tired. They have things to do and bills to pay and weight to carry around, their hair rarely cooperates, many of them probably need an extra few hours in a day just to be able to breathe, and a great majority of them will still smile through it all and tell you that everything is ‘okay.’

The thing is, we’re people. I think we covered that, didn’t we? But the thing is… that also means we’re not perfect. We don’t have to be, and we shouldn’t have to pretend to be for anyone else who is sitting behind a computer screen wanting us to pretend while they’re playing their own game. It’s not fair. It’s more weight on our shoulders – more weight on top of the weight that we already carry around every single day that we like to pretend doesn’t exist. And the thing about being human and thus fallible and fragile is this – eventually, we all – yep, all of us – reach a breaking point. And what happens then?

Well, the facade crumbles. We become someone we don’t recognize. Maybe someone we don’t even like. And then that voice creeps in – if we don’t like ourselves, how could someone else? If we can’t be honest with ourselves, if we think we can’t handle this moment of weakness, how can we expect the people around us – virtual or otherwise – to want to handle it?

Ask yourself this: Did our early ancestors take down mammoths single-handedly?

No. Of course they didn’t. They had a team. Family and friends who helped them accomplish the goal.

When you’re sick, is it a single doctor that takes care of you?

Nope. He’s got a team, too. Colleagues who know more than he does. People he leans on when he’s worried about you, or when he doesn’t know the answer. People he depends on to care for you when he goes home to get what little sleep he can manage.

So why, when our world is crumbling around us, do some people seem to think they have to shoulder it on their own? I’ve met people in Second Life who know more about me than some people who have “known” me for years. Why? Because they’ve seen me at my best, and they’ve seen me at my lowest, and they loved me through it all, even when I wasn’t exactly feeling like I was on team Nova. They showed me that I could lean on them. They were a wall to rest against, an ear to listen. And that’s important. You have to hold on to people like that… regardless of where you met them. Sometimes, the X at the top of that screen makes it really easy for us to close down – literally and metaphorically. Instead… try opening up.

You might find yourself surprised.


[Body][The Shops]Legacy Mesh Body Special Edition (1.3)
[Skin][Go&See]Hope (Buff)
[Brows][Gloom.]Lexi Perfect Brow
[Face][Izzie’s]I’m not feeling very well
[Lips][Top1 Salon]HD Glass Set
[Hair][Tram @ Uber]

[Curtains][Apple Fall]Milton Curtains (tinted)
[Piano][Nutmeg]Musical Escape Ivory Piano (rare)
[Chair][dust bunny]velvet shell back chair (pink)
[Table][Fancy Decor]Titian coffee table
[Hanging plant][ariskea]succulent ceramic hangers (sunrise)
[Frame][floorplan]pinboard – botanical

[Pose][Del May Poses]Wallpaper #1

[Tune][Lauren Daigle – Hold On To Me]

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