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180. How to… confront the things that you’re afraid of.

If you think about it, can you remember the first time you logged into Second Life? Can you remember what it was that compelled you to create your account in the first place and start your journey in this virtual world? For me, I think there were a few reasons. A couple of my friends had an account, for one. Roleplay. Back in the day, that was a big outlet for me as well, and I hopped into a few different things just to try it out.

And then I began to realize that there was just so much more that I could ‘try out’. In my time in SL, I’ve been a roleplayer, a runway model, a store manager, a creator, a translator, a teacher, a photographer, a performer…

I’ve worn so many hats – allowed myself to wear so many hats over the years – because I have embraced this idea of a Second Life, even if it is a virtual one, and the possibilities it has opened up for me. I’ve met people in Second Life who know me better than some people in my real life have even bothered to try. I’ve learned skills inside this game that are benefitting my real life right now. Photoshop, for one. In Second Life, I use it to enhance my pictures. In real life, my boss got so excited when he learned that I knew Photoshop that for a moment I thought he’d fly across the ocean and bake me a cake. And the funny part about that is I’m not doing anything horribly complicated with it at all – it was just a random comment I made during one of our conference calls. Now, it’s considered an extra little gem in my list of skills.

It didn’t take me long to realize that this game we’re all so invested in is so much more than a game. It connects people and places and builds communities. It encourages us to literally try to do whatever it is that we want to do – to chase our dreams in ways we can’t in real life. I will never be able to have a drivers’ license in real life, for instance… but you better believe I’ve got a motorcycle and a car and even a sail boat in SL. My vision in real life doesn’t affect my ability to enjoy Second Life. Neither does anything else. I can try new things and share my experiences, and even do things that would scare the hell out of me in real life.

On Sunday, I opened the curtain to a stage performance that I had built and choreographed in front of a full sim. I talk to large groups on a weekly basis. I can’t do that in real life. I’m terrified of being on stage, of being in front of large crowds. Even when I feel like I might just be good at something, that fear has always stopped me just short of being able to share that… but Second Life has slowly been whittling away at that fear. It’s given me new friends and new loves and new skills, all of which come with a boost of confidence and a desire to take one more step, knock that next scary thing off my list… simply because I can.

If there’s something you can’t do in real life, why NOT use your Second Life to explore it? Why shouldn’t you? If those limitations don’t exist, you don’t have to go through your Second Life as if they do. You owe it to yourself to try new things, and especially to try the things that scare you. You might find that you surprise yourself.


[Body][The Shops]Legacy Mesh Body Special Edition (1.3)
[Skin][Go&See]Hope (Buff)
[Brows][Gloom.]Lexi Perfect Brow
[Lips][Suicidal Unborn]90s glam lipstick
[Hair][Tram]J0116a hair (Hud C)
[Top][Osmia]Stella Cropped top (pink)
[Bracelet][Ysoral]Luxe set bracelet (Lucille)
[Bee][Kokoro @ eBento]Bee holding

[Pose][Posa di Gata]In Silence sit
[Backdrop][PSEUDO]The Greenhouse Scene (gacha)

[Tune][U2 – Beautiful Day]

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