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167. How to… pick your battles.

Here’s the thing: We all have something that we’re passionate about. We all have those topics that just get under our skin, or those people in our lives who just make us want to fight for what we believe in. It doesn’t matter where that comes from. Somewhere, buried deep within each of us – and well, not so deep in some cases – is the urge to fight for what we believe in, to fight for what we hold dear and defend it to the teeth.

Except, sometimes, you can’t do that. Sometimes, you hit a wall. Sometimes, you just get tired. Sometimes, you have to pick your battles because taking on so much can become so much… and we’re all only human after all, aren’t we? We need to rest. We need to recuperate. And in order to do that, we need to know ourselves well enough to understand when it’s time to take a deep breath, close our eyes, and take a step back. And… that can be hard. Learning when to lay down the sword is probably harder than picking it up in the first place. But… if we’re constantly fighting for something, eventually we’re going to find that we’ve left everything else that ever mattered behind.


[Body][Signature]Alice v. 2.3
[Skin][Lumae]Amesha – GALETEA (Feb. Group Gift)
[Lips][Top1 Salon]HD Glass Set
[Face][Beauty by Entice @ We<3RP]Wolves Eye Makeup (Twlight)
[Top][Vinyl @ Uber]Juniper Top
[Bottoms][Vinyl @ Uber]Juniper Shorts

[Tune][Five for Fighting – Superman]

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