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165. How to… find your zen.

The other day, I got a package from one of my best friends from college. He sent a sampler of some of his favorite teas, a bag full of lovely polished gemstones, and a teeeeeeny tiiiiiiny statue of the Buddha. He said I “need some damn zen in my life.”

And he was right. He is right.

Things are stressful for everyone right now. We could all use a little zen, don’t you think? I’m still working on finding mine, but every day, I feel like I get just a little bit closer.

Have you ever wondered how weightless you’d feel if you weren’t carrying around so much worry on your shoulders all the time? Have you ever thought that maybe – just maybe – if you weren’t carrying around all that garbage all the time, you might find yourself able to fly?


[Body][Signature]Alice v. 2.3
[Skin][Lumae]Amesha – GALETEA (Feb. Group Gift)
[Top][Vinyl @ Uber]Juniper Top

[Pose][Diversion]from Inner Chi set

[Tune][Savage Garden – To the Moon and Back]

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