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138. Balance is harder to find than you might expect, and even harder to maintain…

If you’re one of those people who finds it super easy to admit when they need help, I commend you. This sounds like an easy concept, but it’s not as easy for some of us to execute. It’s difficult to balance the need for one’s independence with the idea that sometimes, you have to throw that whole concept out the window and wave the white flag. On any given day, we’re all playing a bit of a balancing game. Balancing our work life and our home life. Balancing our lives in Second Life with all of that. Balancing our time for ourselves with the time that we dedicate to helping others. We’re skirting that line constantly, and occasionally we lose our balance, and we trip, and we start to fall.

And sometimes, something catches us. Something, or someone.

But other times, we just keep falling and falling, because we’re afraid to reach out. We’re afraid to admit we need a parachute. We’re afraid to admit that we might need help because doing so means breaking this hard outer shell we’ve built for ourselves and letting someone else into our world.

And that… sucks. But still, we do it. We deal with it. We compromise, and we keep tripping along, and we keep adding more and more weight to the other side of the scale, and then suddenly, things are off, and we’re left to deal with the aftermath of a bad decision or a toxic person or an unfortunate event.

You have to find that balance for yourself. But more than that, you have to protect it. That means taking a step back when you need to. Admitting that you’re not super-human all the time. Asking for help when you need it… or being humble enough to accept it when it’s offered. Letting yourself have time to process things, to work through what’s weighing you down. Letting yourself tell other people no, even when you don’t want to.

Why? Because balance is important. And sacrificing it does way more harm to you than it will ever do good for someone else… regardless of which life we’re talking about.


[Body][Maitreya]Lara 5.2
[Skin][[ session ]]Astrid (tone 2)
[Hair][Tram]I1126b hair (Hud C)
[Dress][UNA @ NeoJapan]Mulan
(*note: dress also comes with a mask not pictured in my photo.)

[Pose][Del May Poses]Streeetch

[Tune][Colbie Caillat – One Fine Wire]

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