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137. Sometimes when it’s broke, you can’t fix it…

Some people need to learn when to say no.

Me, actually. I’m one of those people.

Lately… and most of the time, if I’m completely honest, I’m burning the candle at both ends. Real life, Second Life… doesn’t matter. I think that little switch in my brain – the one that tells me to sit down and shut the hell up when I need to take five minutes – is broken. I’m not really sure when this happened. I could think back years and not be able to pin that down. The thing is, it’s not just new projects or random fun things or that tug of guilt that comes when someone comes to me and asks me if I can help with something and I know that I have fifty-two other somethings going on but I also know that I could help, and they’re asking, so…

It’s a cycle, y’all.

And in SL, there’s this added… thing… where some of us – myself included – aren’t only seemingly incapable of saying no, but we’re constantly trying to fix things and people who are broken. It’s a virtual world, which makes it even easier for us to get bombarded. We’re an IM away, a teleport away. So we think, “hey, this’ll be quick,” or “hey, it won’t be that bad. I can do this!”

We think if we focus enough, if we give the thing or the person enough attention and enough time, eventually things are going to level out and there’s going to be this lightbulb moment, and everything is going to make sense again and even out and we’re going to be able to breathe…

…but that’s not how it works, guys.

Sometimes, when something or someone is broken, you can’t fix them. It doesn’t matter how much time you put into it, how much energy exhaust, how much you compromise, how much you hope, how much you tell yourself things are going to work out in the end… it’s just not going to happen. And that, ladies and gents, is one of the hardest things to come to terms with, especially for those of us who are the people-pleasing over-achiever types who lack the ability to tell someone to shove it even when we know we probably should. Sometimes, you just have to accept that you can’t do everything and you can’t save everyone. I’m… still working on that. I’ll let y’all know how it goes.


[Body][Maitreya]Lara 5.2
[Skin][[ session ]]Astrid (tone 2)
[Lips][WarPaint @ Anthem]Lip Nectar (set 2)
[Dress][ChicModa @ Fameshed]Laurel Dress

*Please note: While I try to avoid it, the post-editing process can sometimes alter colors. Your windlights may do the same, so please always try demos!

[Location][Lost Lagoon]

[Tune][Cam – Burning House]

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