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119. How to… survive the fall.

You’ll hear, “the only way to go is up” a lot in both worlds. It’s meant to be lovely and encouraging and get you through the rough times. And let’s be honest, guys: we have those in both worlds. As much as some of us like to say it’s only a game, we get invested not just in the characters we create, but in the world we build for them, and in the people that we allow to populate that sacred space. And of course, the deeper truth behind that is that sometimes, things blow up in our faces… and if we really didn’t care about that, then we’d simply not comment at all, because it’s supposedly inconsequential in our universe, right?

Maybe that’s just me? Bueller? Bueller? Okay, then…

Here’s the thing – sometimes, you fall. Sometimes, the fall is good. It’s the kind that steals your breath away in the most wonderful way and makes your heart beat just a little bit faster beneath your breast. It’s unexpected and wonderful and pure, and you don’t mind tripping as much because damn is it worth it. But… sometimes, it’s not quite like that. Sometimes, the fall is bad. It’s jarring and painful, and it breaks everything you have… and the higher you’ve climbed when you have one of those falls, the further you have until you hit solid ground again.

This is true for real life and for Second Life, and I’ve been giving it a lot of thought lately. Sometimes, I find myself wondering when I’m going to hit solid ground again, and just how much it will knock the wind out of me when I do. Regrettably, I’ve dealt with this a time or two in both worlds, and the thing is… there’s not much you can do. You hold on for the ride, good or bad, and when it’s over, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and you begin the climb again. Sometimes that’s the only thing we can do – just. keep. going.


[Body][Signature]Alice v. 2.1
[Skin][[ session ]]Astrid (tone 2)
[Hair][tableau vivant]Falling hair gacha (evenfall – fades)

[Doves][Synnergy]taken from Water Under the Sea backdrop

[Pose][Sassy Sweet Poses]Falling 1

[Tune][Sara Bareilles – Gravity]

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