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111. How to… embrace the magic.

*wipes the sweat from her brow* I think this is like… the second or third time I’ve done a collab, and this one was a doozy. Do you see that set? That’s only one angle of it. There’s literally beauty from every angle, whether you point your camera left or right or forward or backward or up at the ceiling… Mad props to Ry for that one, but it was so fun to do a collab, y’all. I have the itch now. All the collabs! When I showed up and saw this set I almost had a happygasm.


For real, though. Yesterday was… rough. In ways that would take more words to explain than I have the energy to type. But you know what? Getting together with these lovely people for a little bit in the middle of all the chaos and seeing something so beautiful and magical and lovely really helped me to recharge my batteries. And it was so fun! And that’s what we’re here for. We all need to make time for more fun – in both lives. We’re supposed to be enjoying ourselves. Don’t ever let yourself forget that.


Decor (please, dear gods I hope I got it all)

Available @ Wizarding Faire 2020

[Table][..::THOR::..]Wizarding Class Bench
[Scale][..::THOR::..]Herbalist Scale
[Teal Flask][..::THOR::..]Teal Flask
[Black Flask][..::THOR::..]Black Flask

[Wall Mounts][unKindness]Wizarding Walls

[Phoenix][HEXtraordinary]Fiery phoenix

[Kitty][Foxwood]Floofy Kitty – Light

[Beanbag][Violetility]House beanbag (green)
[Rug][Violetility]House pride rug

[Cauldron][Raindale]Sparrownest Cauldron 1
[Books (stack on table)][Raindale]Sparrownest books (close)
[Scroll][Raindale]Sparrownest scroll
[Potions][Raindale]Sparrownest potion
[Potions Recipe][Raindale]Sparrownest potion recipe

Other Decor

[Disorderly]Book Magic – Magical Potions
[Disorderly]Book Magic – Magical Bird Cage


[Outfit incl. hat][ERSCH @ Wizarding Faire 2020]Harriet


[Body][Maitreya]Lara 5.0
[Skin][[ session ]]Astrid (tone 2)
[Top/Tie][Orange*Pekoe @ Wizarding Faire 2020]Uniform Hoodie (short sleeves)
[Skirt][Orange*Pekoe @ Wizarding Faire 2020]Belted Uniform Skirt (Black)


[Hair][Sintiklia]Hair Kris (reds)
[Uniform][Orange*Pekoe]Ankle length robe over baggy jumper
[Pants][Orange*Pekoe]Slim uniform pants (black and dark gray)

Other Credits:

[Props for fab set design…]Ryanna Foxclaw
[Props for dealing with me and Ryanna taking a million photos…]KulaanDragon

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