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108. How to… multitask with a little flair!

So… I’ve been a little swamped lately. We all know the difference between good busy and bad busy… being that one usually results in a little more frustration and gray hairs than the other. Most of this has been good busy lately – in both worlds – but I’ve found myself having to slow down a little bit. Yep. My twelve-year-old niece is visiting (for an undetermined amount of time it seems, since my sister-in-law was hit by a driver with no insurance the other day and it totaled their car)… and she won’t be wandering off to Hogwarts on September 1, either… no matter how much I’m certain she’d like to. As I type this, she’s watching the first movie in the living room. I’ve spent my last couple days working on things in Second Life, dealing with school, letting her teach me how to play Roblox (which translates to letting her decorate my house and tell me how to do everything even though it’s written on the screen because it makes her happy), working with my new client to prep his fanfreakingtastic book for editor rounds, and – of course – trying to find even the smallest bit of personal time to myself during which I can do something fun just for the sake of it without someone breathing down my neck or “volunteering” me to do something. It’s been a bit crazy around here.

Man, I say that a lot, don’t I? But you know what? It’s okay… because I have multitasking – especially in a bit of chaos, it seems – down to a fine art.

One of the things that many of you may not know about me is that I am actually a member of the Mischief Managed roleplay in Second Life. I literally fell in love with the build, and finally wrote up a bio for a character and applied… and then had to put things on hiatus because life has dictated lately that I just don’t get to take the time to enjoy those things. So, what do I do? I find other ways to amuse myself, of course! The Wizarding Faire opens up in a few days, and I am super stoked to be on their blogger team – so you’re probably going to see a little bit of magic added into each of my posts until the Faire closes.


Because adding a little magic to the mundane always makes for a better day.

I had this photo prepared the other day, so you may not see one for a couple of days while I… re-balance my life. Wish me luck?


[Body][Signature]Alice v. 2.1
[Skin][The Skinnery]Sonia
[Lips][Izzie’s]Lipgloss (LeLutka Evo. HD)
[Hair][Stealthic]Allure (blondes)
[Shoes][LYBRA]Zoey Respect

[Wand][Kore @ Wizarding Faire 2020]Claudia’s Wand
[Broom][Nishi @ Wizarding Faire 2020]Persephone Broom
*note: pose included w/broom edited slightly w/ Animare
[Doll][Orange*Pekoe @ Wizarding Faire 2020]Sitting Doll 1 – American Student
[Newspaper][RC Cluster]Rainy day newspaper umbrella

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