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107. How to… test your luck.

You guys have all seen Finding Nemo, right? Remember Dory?

“Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming! What do we do? We swim!”

Ironically enough, when the chaos is at it’s peak in either world, this is what pops into my head. In part, I guess, because it always made me smile. But also because it’s so true. All we can really do, whether things are going well or we’re playing “the floor is lava” with our lives, is just keep moving forward. Some people seem a little luckier than others, it’s true. From the outside, you may look at a friend or foe and feel that little pang of jealously like, “Man, they really have their sh*t together.”

But the truth? The truth is none of us do. Every single day, we’re all just testing our luck. Is this going to work, or not? Success or failure? Good day or bad? And sometimes, things turn out better than we thought, and sometimes they don’t. And no matter what… that’s okay. We just have to smile and keep swimming. Keep moving forward.


[Shape][Divine Transformations]Nova Shape **custom**
[Head][LeLUTKA]Simone v. 3.4
[Body][Maitreya]Lara 5.0
[Skin][Spicy Body Shop]Meadow (medium)
[Lips][Izzie’s]Matte Love Lipstick
[Skirt/Top][UNA @ Equal10 Event]Courtney

[Tune][Alison Krauss & Union Station – Lucky One]

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