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91. How to… survive your vacation.

Okay, so I did this photo before I left for vacation because I knew I’d run into a deadline while I was away, and I guess I didn’t realize when I took this photo where I took it that it would prove to be somewhat… well, special. Look at the text on the sign next to me. I think it says just about everything I need to say about this vacation so far. So, let me preface this with the fact that I love my grandparents. I love them. They are my grandparents, and they have their moments, and I love them, but… it’s been a difficult week. They seem to like to press a lot of buttons. They KNOW that there are certain topics I’d rather not debate, but they are the type of people who feel that they have to be right. About everything. Regardless. All the time.

So I’ve gotten to the point where when they start to bring up these topics, I just pretend like I didn’t hear them. At all. I’ve tried for years to defend myself and my own opinions, but have learned in that time that nothing I could ever say or do will make a difference to them, and I grew tired of tying my self-worth to their opinion of me just because they are family, so I told them I wasn’t going to engage them, and that I’d move my flight and go home early if need be.

I have a couple days left. I’ll be home Monday night, and as much as I love them, I’m looking forward to being home. I’m looking forward to being home where even my mother who is a Trump supporter would never shit-talk pride month, for example, or any of the other homophobic, thinly-veiled racist comments my grandparents have made and justified with “but I have gay family” or “I have black/latino/non-white friends.”

It’s been good to get out of the house, but sometimes, road trips aren’t the best. I love my family, but I definitely can only handle some of them in small dosages, and this is the reason why. Love them because they’re family, but not really sure how to deal with this level of blatant disregard for… well, lots of things. Other family justifies it as “they’re older and things were different for them growing up” but I don’t know how I feel about that. I know it’s true. Things were different, but I feel like willfully pressing my buttons and continually talking to me like I am not good enough because my views differs from theirs is just a little… much?

Sometimes, vacations are good, y’all. And sometimes, you need a vacation to recover from your vacation. And you know what? That’s okay.

[Shape][Divine Transformations]Nova Shape **custom**
[Head][LeLUTKA]Simone v. 3.4
[Body][Maitreya]Lara 5.0
[Skin][The Skinnery]Paris (Toffee)
[Lips][Izzie’s]Matte Love Lipstick
[Dress][UNA @ SL17B Shop & Hop]Road Trip Dress
[Pose][Del May Poses]

[Tune][Paramore – Emergency]

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