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24. How to… move on to better things

So, I was working on something to send Trouble for the feature for Eclipse that he was advertising on Facebook, and I realized something.

The person that I’m talking about… She really messed me up. But…

But the thing is, I learned so much from that experience. I rose above it. I became a better person, a wiser person…in both worlds. I suppose I’d thank her for that much if I didn’t have her blocked. Or not. Probably not, if I’m totally honest.

The point is: Your heartbreak doesn’t have to define you. The bad stuff that happens? It’s just a thing… one thing that will turn out to be small in the grand scheme of things, because while it hurts in the moment worse than anything you’ve ever felt, you will get past that. The hurt will fade. And you’ll learn from it. And you’ll grow. And that is so damn important to remember. So damn important.



[Shape][Divine Transformations]Nova Shape **custom**
[Head][LeLUTKA]Simone v. 3.4
[Body][Belleza]Freya 5.0
[Hair][Tram]I1126b hair (Hud C)
[Skin][The Skinnery]Paris (Toffee)
[Lips][Izzie’s]Matte Love Lipstick
[Blush][Zibska @ Dubai Event]Natsumi Blush
[Eyeshadow][Zibska @ Dubai Event]Tiana Eyemakeup
[Top][Vinyl]Foodie tee (purple)
[Jeans][Vinyl]Foster bootcut Jeans
[Tattoo][Dappa]Saku (faded) **no longer available


[Shape][.QUENBY.]Jake Shape
[Head][Catwa]Daniel v. 4.5
[Body][Belleza]Jake 2.1
[Hair][Tableau Vivant]Blue hair (browns)
[Skin][Belleza]Jake Skin
[Top][Cold Ash]Men’s Sawyer Denim Shirt (black)
[Jeans][Cold Ash]Men’s Holloway Ripped Jeans (light blue)


[House][Trompe Loeil]Amelie Cottage v1.1
[Chair][Trompe Loeil]Ashdon chair w/ blanket
[Mantle Decor][Apple Fall]Snowdrops in cloche
[Painting][Apple Fall]Artwork Oncoming Storm
[Drawers][Apple Fall]Pearl chest of drawers
[Clock][Apple Fall]Harrogate grandfather clock
[Coffee Table][Apple Fall]Period Coffee table
[Table Decor][Apple Fall]Coffee and muffin
[Bookshelf][Kalopsia]Cecilia’s shelf (iron)

[Pose][{Bittersweet+Strange}]Losing sight of you
[Tune][Jessie Ware – Hearts]

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